Communication Consulting Services for Gifted and Sensitive AdultsAre you excited to share what you do with others?

The more your professional endeavor reflects your personal values, the more vulnerable you can feel. Ambivalence and fear can sabotage the quality of your service and the clarity of your professional message.

When you are highly gifted you can get stuck defining unique concepts or services, bogged down by complicated material. You may be baffled by self-sabotaging behavior.

The complexity of your ideas and the attachment you have to your business may inhibit clear and confident communication. You can have a difficult time seeing your product or service from the perspective of your customer. A compelling elevator speech can elude you.

I succinctly name the ineffable themes of your work. I easily sort the concepts and tasks that have been impossibly tangled. I quickly identify where and why your intention and communication are incongruous. Together, we evaluate the clarity of your communication as it is experienced by your client, audience, or visitor.

When you express your passion with confidence, your professional communication is an inspired reflection of the unique service you provide.

  • Align your professional goals with your values.
  • Identify incongruities between your intentions and your behavior that inhibit genuine and effective communication.
  • Remove obstacles hindering clear communication, including self-sabotage.
  • Gain trust in your ability to create and maintain an inspired business identity, professional presence, and office space.

If business coaching and other efforts have failed to yield the aligned professional presence you seek, you’ll be relieved by the insight you gain in one session. If you don’t gain powerful insight in our first conversation, I will refund you the cost of your session.

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