Principles of Conscious Communication

Principles of Conscious CommunicationThe ordinary becomes the extraordinary when you consider each interaction a communication.

Thoughtful and empowered communication is achieved by understanding three principles:

  • alignment facilitates integrity
  • perception is personal
  • form is communication.

Alignment: when your inner emotional, mental, and spiritual states align with your goals.

Alignment enables the form of your work to align with what has most meaning to you.

Your intention to achieve alignment can be derailed by unresolved trauma, emotional conflicts or a lack of focus. read more …


Perception: the subjective lens of your experience and the equally subjective nature of your clients’ or customers’ experience of your business, your service, your message, and you.

Providing your clients and customers with an exceptional experience requires that you consider the quality of the encounter through their eyes.

In our personal and professional lives, we make a mistake when we assume others perceive us and our intentions as we do.

As professionals, another frequent mistake we make is neglecting to review, edit, and maintain the quality of the services we provide. These tasks require us to experience physical spaces, websites, printed material, and the services we provide from our clients’ more…


Form: the observable aspect of experience. Every interaction, service, and physical space are forms to evaluate.

When we ignore the form of our message, our professional presentation becomes incongruous with our intentions.

Without consideration of the form of our message, it is difficult to achieve an inspired and coherent professional identity.

We may also avoid rigorous review of the quality and nature of our professional form because we don’t know how to prioritize or resolve the challenges that need our more…