Communication Aligned with Your Spiritual and Core Values. Alignment of Intention and Inner StateAlignment between what you intend to communicate and what you actually convey requires awareness of your emotions and care for your internal world.

When your intentions correspond with your internal state, your actions mirror your authentic self.

Choosing how we respond to the world is a core component of conscious communication. The greater our awareness of our emotions and the stimuli that trigger them, the more self-aware we become.

As we gain awareness and heal core injuries, the greater the alignment between our intentions and the form of our expression.

We communicate with words, tone, facial expression, energy, body language, actions, objects and ideas. We communicate with what we create, and how we organize our environments.

Without being aware of it, we communicate our inner pain, confusion, resentment, or anger in our tone of voice, body language, the physical spaces we inhabit, and the services we provide.

As professionals, our careers are best served by creating business environments that reflect the superior service we strive to provide our clients. However, our own internal conflicts often interfere with the quality of professional presentation.

Inner turmoil can manifest in many forms, such as disorganized work spaces, erratic business hours, neglect of vital routines, an absence of protocols for scheduling, inconsistent billing, and an inability to acknowledge or recognize our mistakes.

We resolve the disparities that disrupt aligned communication when we

  • value and care for our own feelings and needs,
  • create and update personal and professional mission statements,
  • evaluate whether the services we provide mirror our beliefs and goals,
  • address incongruities between our values and behaviors,
  • recognize and heal any trauma limiting emotional health and self-care,
  • identify and address any conflicts hindering clear communication.

Gifted and Sensitive describes the unique challenges gifted/sensitives face in achieving alignment between their inner lives and their professional goals.

Inner Awareness includes questions you can ask yourself to identify emotions preventing clear communication.

Self-Sabotage helps you recognize the internal conflicts that may prevent the coherent communication of your message.