We Exist in Fields of Relationship

We tend to be aware of some of the visual information we absorb. However, we are not conscious of registering much of what we see, and much of what we absorb with our other senses. Most of the time we may be unaware of what influences our feeling state, perception of a place, response to objects or sense of right placement.

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Layers of Communication in Physical Spaces

When creating a professional space, there are many variables to attend to so that the space is a clear, coherent space that is aligned with your professional intention. These elements are all the variables that impact our senses. They range from light, to sound, to visual harmony, to the service we receive. Many of these same elements impact the experience of your home environment.

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Healthy Spaces

When it comes to your home, your preferences for each space may change as your activities in that space evolve. It is essential that you are able to redefine a space, or reconfigure the furniture at times of transition or evolution. Revisiting the use of a space, and reevaluating the qualities of that space can ensure that a space will transform with you, rather than restricting your unfolding.

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Tips on House Hunting

There is often an indescribable something that homeowners say they felt the minute they stepped into their future home. It is important to recognize that "yes". It is also important to honor any negative feeling or unnamable discomfort, even if the house seems perfect. An inner "yes" must also be weighed against what an inspection may reveal.

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Tips on Selling Your Home

Taking photographs is a great way to see your home with fresh eyes. It is amazing how many things you stop registering in a familiar environment. In order to present your home in the most positive light you need to be the one to spot and address anything that might jump out at a buyer or distract a buyer from seeing the house you want them to see.

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Tips on Building or Remodeling Your Home

List the activities that will take place in each room and what the needs are for each activity. This ranges from furniture, to lighting to storage. Rooms may have a central theme or focal point. There may be a painting, carpet, or bed frame that you know will define what happens in a space or what size a wall needs to be.

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Adjusting to the End of Normal Weather

Just as we orient ourselves by the dependable rising and setting of the sun, or the geology of the place we call home, we used to orient ourselves by the rhythms of seasons and the patterns of rain, winds and annual cycles. We have lost one of our compass bearings. As the needle spins more and more wildly, and weird is the only thing we can depend upon, how do we orient? What is it in the human psyche that is being fractured as we are forced to surrender notions of external stability? How deep do those fracture lines run and what do those subterranean reverberations invite us to open to?

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When the Notion of Community is a Myth

The other challenge to any intentional community - be it a town, city or village, is that our skills at social interaction have atrophied. As our lives got busier and our focus shifted to our work lives and our nuclear family, the rituals that nurture and sustain community relationships have fallen from our realm of habit.

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Discomfort as an Invitation

Incongruity in your environment is an invitation to greater inner alignment. When you are suffering from:

  • the inability to feel belonging
  • discomfort and disorientation in your living environment
  • disappointment in your newly built, purchased or remodeled home
  • failure to adjust to major life transitions
  • chronic disorganization

you are in the midst of an opportunity to deepen your connection to your values and needs.

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