David Wroblewski & Edgar Sawtelle: A Sensitive Writes About a Gifted Sensitive

David Wroblewski is a gift and surprise as a writer. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle is his first novel. The unusual story and the sensitive and gifted protagonist give us a sense of a writer for whom so much is subtle, deeply felt and beautifully alive. This book is a homecoming for all sensitives. Finally, the highly sensitive have a book that is as full of emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical detail, and heartfelt thoughtfulness as the worlds we inhabit.

The life of the mute and gifted young protagonist who lives his life amidst highly intelligent animals, is its own kind of fairy tale. It is rare in this culture to find an author who has such an exquisite ability to fashion sentences in a manner that allows words to cast their own kind of magic. His sensitivity to qualities of experience and to interior, nonverbal worlds is stupendous.

Wroblewski’s work reminds all sensitives that their ability to attend to what is unusual and easily missed by others is a gift to be shared. Wroblewski has dedicated himself to sensitive attendance to language and to the realms of awareness that remain invisible to most. His devotion to, and trust in his own perceptions allows him to bring us a world so rich and memorable that our lives are forever enhanced by the memory of what he shares with us.

The way Wroblewski’s protagonist relates to the world and his gifts is a perfect anchor for any sensitive who can not find acceptance with that which makes him or her unusual.

Unusual and gifted, words that Wroblewski treats tenderly. He has written a love story about the qualities that many gifted and sensitive people make take a life time to treasure in themselves.

Inexplicably, Wroblewski seems to lose his way in the last part of the book. However, what he gives us in the first three quarters of the book allows us to forgive him.