Agents of Evolution

I believe that the gifted are here to re-enchant the world. By stepping into your gifts you offer: new solutions to old problems, new solutions to current crises and new ways of interacting in the world. You are a bridge builder to new worlds and new perspectives. You assist other agents of change in their own unfolding. At a time when the human race has run out of options that will sustain an outdated level of consciousness and mode of relationship to the world – the gifted’s time has arrived.

Your tendency to attend to what is potential, what is not yet in form, is one of the key qualities of your giftedness. In order to have inner trust and peace, you need to support this need that you have to nurture the realm of possibility – in whatever domain you attune to. You are more of a vehicle or a vessel for what is coming into form then you are the driver. This can be a challenging role to accept.

At a time in human evolution when the old structures are breaking down in every realm and the new is not yet here – your ability to find and sustain balance is hugely significant. Attaining and maintaining your equilibrium in a world where panic, negativity, and fear are accelerating is an enormous task. Trusting in emptiness – the place for unfolding and allowing – is a huge, huge key to your ongoing stability. What you are about, what you attend to is new and unfolding – and much of it is not here yet.

The job of increasing the alignment between your mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and physical dimensions is always ongoing. You continue to explore what was previously unexplored and deepen your relationship to your authentic self.

The more you detach from the influence of the culture, the more you shift your focus from product to process in how you live your life, the more anchored you will find yourself in the nest of belonging. Your lack of interest in the contemporary culture indicates the staleness of the culture, not any problem in you. The hollowness you experience in places, ideas, and activities encourages you to attend to your own inner promptings.

Your tendency towards innovation, divergent thinking, imagination, and focused attention are the hallmarks that make you who you are. You see patterns where no one else sees them. You know that everything is connected to everything else.

As you clear your dependence on external validation, you become your own authority. You understand the news of the falling apart empire is not your news. You understand that the urge to grab onto ancient traditions or traditions of other cultures is a grab for security. You tolerate the time of disintegration and not knowing. You recognize and clear your personal fears as they arise. More and more you honor and live by internal promptings. You are always available to people/concepts/experiences that loosen the old framework and facilitate new perceptions. You surrender to ongoing alteration in who you are and how you relate to information and the world.

I always suggest that you create your personalized self-care manual. If any of the statements below feel true about you in your field(s) of giftedness, they may be good touchstones to include in your manual:

  • You challenge stereotypes.
  • You are drawn to the unique and unusual.
  • Just as quickly as something absorbs you, it may leave you.
  • You can get overwhelmed by too many areas of interest, or too much information in any specific area of interest.
  • You are intense and complex.
  • For you, the simple can be complex.
  • The complex can be simple for you as you see underlying themes and layers of meaning.
  • You experience things in a different way than most people- seeing complexities, patterns, subtleties unavailable to most.
  • Your motivations for what you do tend to be different. You are moved by intangible outcomes – you are moved by the desire to explore, to try, to learn.
  • You are out of synch with the world because the world is out of synch. You see how things should be or could be – the world is behind.
  • You can be quite empathic. You can know how things are for others. You identify with others.
  • You may tend to be introverted – gaining your energy from an internal world of information.
  • You tend to find little of merit in contemporary culture.
  • You see below facades.
  • You care about essence, not fashion.
  • You need the truth and can feel crazy when someone is dishonest.
  • You see through complexities to find the heart or core of the matter.
  • You are always available to see connections and patterns.

To be your healthiest- you need to be available to what compels you rather than what you think you should want.

Obstacles that may recur in the life of the gifted:

  • Commitment to harmony with others. You don’t want to cause distress in others because of your evolution. You want to prevent disruption in relationships.
  • Terror at being alone forever- without friends, without a mate. Fear of being burned at the stake. The need to belong.
  • Taking on too much. Getting ahead of yourself. Getting too swamped by interests, themes, or subtext to know where you are. Dropping threads that are essential to consider.
  • Pain at being misunderstood. Needing to be understood.
  • Despair when you hold yourself to conventional expectations.
  • Intrusion of cultural (friends, family, media) noise.
  • Fear of emptiness. Looking to the past for meaning when meaning is absent in the present.

Tools to maintain equilibrium and health may include:

  • access to change agents (healers, therapists etc)
  • immersion in what absorbs you
  • time to come undone
  • opportunity to change, regardless of external systems
  • flexibility to be unattached to form
  • identity independent of success as culture defines it – personal definition
  • focus on what brings inner sense of balance or peace
  • tolerance of mystery
  • locating others who share interests/ways of being present
  • respecting timing – your time frame may not be the time frame for unfolding
  • personalized self-care manual that reminds you what YOU need to be well.