Anything but Depression …

In a creative life, where one commits to transformation, there will be times when the lack of focus and the absence of energy are signs of evolution, not depression.

In a culture that values action, planning, product and proof of value, anything in your behavior that strays from being:

  • goal oriented
  • future oriented
  • product oriented
  • positive in emotion
  • clear in focus
  • enthusiastic in engagement

runs the risk of being labeled as depression.

In fact, there are many times in the course of a creative life where:

  • past identity is being shed
  • values are being reevaluated
  • friendships are being examined
  • career direction may be changing
  • life focus is shifting
  • the task of the life time is evolving.

During these times of reorganization, the absence of goals, enthusiasm, engagement, or clarity safeguard the system for the gestational process. At these times, the absence of meaning is the sign of being on track.

Learning to tolerate, accept and ultimately, embrace the times of:

  • derailment
  • disorientation
  • absence of direction
  • wordlessness
  • emptiness
  • and confusion

will be an enormous advantage if you are called to a transformative life.

When you are called to continue to deepen how you relate to your life and the world, you will find different chapters arrive where the themes and focus that may have kept you company in the past are no longer relevant.

The sooner you can accept this as a sign of health and as part of the evolutionary journey, the more you can release self doubt and judgment and fully in engage in the process of dissolution and reemergence.

The creative act is always one of breaking down, or breaking open some previous perception, thought or way of relating. Often, a time of chaos and uncertainty follows. Out of that one is able to engage in a new way or at a deeper level. It is the creative’s nature to have to surrender, over and over again, the places of the familiar, allowing the unknown to emerge.