The Meaning of Objects & Spaces

The meaning of words, objects, events, spaces, our actions and the actions of others are colored by context, biology, culture, family heritage, personal values, beliefs, emotions, and the energy of the dynamic.

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The Healing of a Healer

If you're a healer, it's likely that as a child you experienced states of heightened awareness. As a highly sensitive child, your differences from others, and their responses to you, may have made you feel that something was wrong with you.

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Creativity & Heightened Sense of Awareness

The creative has a heightened sense of awareness and a highly sensitive nature. As the creative dives into the world of the invisible, whether through imagery, sensory experience, sound or thought, the creative may bump into inner prohibitions and beliefs of the culture that have been internalized along the way.

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Maintaining Your Equilibrium as a Sensitive

The more adept we are at understanding what engenders our sense of belonging, the better able we are to truly house ourselves. As you awaken to your whole being, you will learn what it means to take care of your highly sensitive and aware nature. You learn how to maintain your equilibrium as a sensitive.

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