Gifted & Sensitive: Attending to the Subtle

Hearing the radio station when the radio is turned off. Sensing something is wrong far before allopathic medicine can even detect a malignancy, though the biopsy proves there is cancer in the spot where something has felt “wrong”. An art expert who gets a ringing in his ears or feels sick to his stomach when he is presented with a fake work of art. People in certain parts of the country who hear the earth humming.

Clearly, there are levels of sensory attunement far subtler than anything western medicine or science can yet measure. Once one moves beyond thoughts like: ‘how can this be’ or ‘this is impossible’ or ‘I must be crazy’, the ability to accept and attend to the information one picks up begins.

The tendency to pick up information that is not available to the five senses is not a sign of being superior – it is just a fact, an ability like any other ability. Whether one is a naturalist trained to spot incongruities in a natural setting enabling one to notice wildlife far before anyone else, or a gifted linguist who learns languages very quickly, it is what one does with one’s gift that has significance.

While some people spend years struggling to ignore their gifts, many people go through a period of being wowed by their gifts. While this is understandable, wise and responsible use of one’s gifts requires an eventual shedding of ego attachment to these abilities.

In a world where books scream out at us to ‘increase your intuitive sense’ or ‘develop your psychic abilities’ the attainment of these capacities is emphasized over one’s way of relating to these gifts.

When one moves beyond judgment, attachment or reaction to one’s unusual ways of attending, one begins the journey towards true surrender to a larger perspective and becomes available to the right use of one’s unique quality of subtle awareness.