Avoiding Pain Through Positive Thinking

An unfortunate byproduct of the culture of positive thinking is that many people have used this idea to ignore their own personal pain.

The ability of human beings to ignore their pain is a remarkable trait. This ability to split from the inner sirens that indicate physical or emotional injury or danger, to not hear the alarm bells, helps us survive terrible things, and also, perpetuate terrible things.

As a species, it is the ability to deny or ignore danger that would enable us to continue across mountain passes to new lands despite obvious threats to our own lives.

As cultures, the ability to execute plans that result in environmental destruction, species annihilation, or human subjection to a loss of civil rights is made possible by an ability to separate from the result of one’s actions.

As children, the ability to split from emotional and physical pain enables us to keep living, when our spirits feel they would die if they had to acknowledge what they are suffering through.

The notion that focusing on depression, pain, fear, anxiety or a sense of loss is to “focus on the negative” is a way to avoid the path to healing. The only way to find the joy, peace, career, health or other state that one craves involves going through the dark places that hold one back.

Ignoring these places only results in that which we see worldwide when industry, governments and businesses implement policies of “growth” while ignoring the fallout of these practices. We witness insidious and exponentially harmful ramifications of each policy.