Creativity & Heightened Sense of Awareness

The creative has a heightened sense of awareness and a highly sensitive nature. As the creative dives into the world of the invisible, whether through imagery, sensory experience, sound or thought, the creative may bump into inner prohibitions and beliefs of the culture that have been internalized along the way.

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A Visual Vocabulary

Whether you want to define how an environment or visual experience is impacting you, or you want to be conscious of what you are communicating in your office, business or home, this section provides descriptions of concepts and qualities that influence your visual experience. While there is a cultural fascination with visual images of

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Being Open for Business as an Artist

Being open for business also means being a business. Many artists are, by the very nature of being artists, not necessarily motivated by the kind of detail work involved in self-promotion. However, I believe if the underlying conflicts related to “going out” into the world can be understood, and the process of connecting can b

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Obstacles to Self-Promotion for the Artist

Over time, you can begin to collect ideas of who might be interested in your work, or how you might reach out or network. The first thing to begin to do is to keep track of those people, ideas, businesses, creations that move you - for any reason. Look for those who as people, or in what they do feel resonant in some way.

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Visibility as an Artist

Are you open for business? Here is a brief list of details to consider that can help you evaluate whether you are actively making yourself visible in the world.

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Self-Sabotage & the Artist

Once you understand your needs as an artist, and you have identified and resolved the conflicts that arise in honoring the truth of your artist self, you are able to care for your creative core. This inner awareness and self care needs to be established before you can expect to be an effective advocate for yourself in the world. If you don't know how to take care of your artist self, then how can that artist self engage in the world in open and confident manner?

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