Professional Communication & Spaces

The Meaning of Objects & Spaces

The meaning of words, objects, events, spaces, our actions and the actions of others are colored by context, biology, culture, family heritage, personal values, beliefs, emotions, and the energy of the dynamic.

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Visual Communication & Your Message

Whether you are starting a business or launching a website, all aspects of your message should be clear and inviting. Create visual clarity by removing visual clutter and editing out what is unnecessary for your message. Evaluate legibility by asking if a stranger would know what to do in your space or on your website. Establish a wel

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The Forms of Your Communication

Form is everything in the world that is mutually observable through sight and sound. Objects, furniture, buildings, landscapes, websites, conversations, and publications are all forms that communicate. While we can all feel, see, or hear these forms of communication, our experiences of these forms is subjective. Everything that we do, create, and express is communi

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