Creativity & Heightened Sense of Awareness

The creative has a heightened sense of awareness and a highly sensitive nature. As the creative dives into the world of the invisible, whether through imagery, sensory experience, sound or thought, the creative may bump into inner prohibitions and beliefs of the culture that have been internalized along the way.

Whether it is the writer attuned to the nuance of meaning, a weaver lost in the complexity of thread weight and texture, a clothing designer swooning over the drape of a piece of fabric, or a painter driven to bring to life a quality felt within, all these creatives are responding to subtle sense experiences unavailable to many people.

Yet, this deep diving is rarely without its own perils. Often, there are interior places hiding unresolved childhood trauma or internalized recriminations for attending to invisible promptings.

Without access to concepts for these tangles, the creative remains a prisoner of these restrictions. The culture has failed to provide the creative with tools to navigate invisible places. Unrecognized, these places of deep meaning may become webs of anguish, rather than rivers of possibility.

The creative can also face a life long sense of alienation as he or she dives deep to access, recover, express or explore that which has always existed below the level of consciousness. When the audience responds to the manifestation, to the thing created, the creative often feels isolated by the inability of the viewer to sense the energy, the source of the inspiration. The world views the “thing” and can not connect at the level of the ineffable.