Cultural Breakdown as the Breakthrough

When we realize that there is nothing we can do to fix our financial, agricultural and energy systems – that there is no way to maintain our culture as we know it – the true work begins.

The image of the towers falling was the visual image that broke something in our collective psyche and opened us up to this next phase of evolution. Each new, impossible to digest reality – be it the collapse of our economic system, the loss of environmental stability or the failure to be able to imagine our futures, requires a kind of dieing to our concept of what is so, of the world we live in, and of what we can count on.

Many are reacting to the sudden accumulation of never before experienced realities by jumping on the bandwagon of green building, or carbon footprint reduction. While these efforts are commendable, the problems and realities are much bigger than all of our actions. Governments, economies and climate responses we can not even envision are shaping our futures.

The increasing list of changing, unstable systems, deprives us of places in our lives where we can even pretend to count on constancy. We find ourselves swamped with fear, disorientation and despair, or digging ever deeper for the location of an inner equilibrium.

Current events – all crises – will always hit us at the place of our vulnerability. While we all tend to fear the loss of security, financial instability and social unrest, these fears tend to manifest in us in our own unique ways.

Clarifying and addressing our personal fears are ways to find buoyancy in an unstable time. Showing up to each level of fear and denial allows us to clear the way to an inner resilience. In a time where all previous pillars of stability are needing to collapse, there is nothing about the future that we can count on. Yet, it is in a turbulent time of devolution and destruction the seeds of the future are nurtured.

What are we most afraid of? How do we go about showing up to those fears?