Environmental Crisis as a Metaphor for the Healing Crisis

Flooding that leaves communities with piles of moldy and mildewing debris – everything toxic after being saturated by water, submerged. Every item which used to be the home, the decorations, the entertainment systems – now worthless piles of detritus posing huge disposal challenges.

While new age or spiritual doctrines encourage people to see beyond the material to what is essential – flood victims are jettisoned to that very reality. The caring of strangers, the gratitude that family and friends are safe – these essentials are the embedded experience. The nature of home, of belonging – these truths come home to the flood victim in a way that those who have not lost homes or communities can only imagine.

When the rivers – major tributaries, lines of energy, corridors of commerce-overflow their boundaries and send the liquid lifeline into the land of what is solid and dry – two worlds collide.

After these worlds merge – all that had been toxic and contained on land becomes part of the liquid and becomes part of the entire landscape. After these events – the reality of toxic byproducts of the culture becomes part of the culture’s consciousness. No longer isolated and apart- the unsustainable results of american farming and manufacturing practices become part of everyone’s earth, inseparable from the fabric of the entire ecosystem.

Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes break the containers that have kept bioweapons, sex offenders, carcinogenic substances, vectors of disease isolated from the society. Broken open, that which is hidden comes into full view. The deeper the poisoning, the wider contamination is part of the path to the fully conscious culture.