FAQ about Conscious Communication for Highly Gifted and Sensitive People

How does coaching for gifted and sensitive entrepreneurs differ from business and life coaching?

Business and life coaches tend to focus on what you want to achieve. Most coaches aren’t equipped to discern the difference between your conscious agenda and the complex themes and conflicts of your internal world.

If you are highly gifted, you often succeed, whether or not your goals align with your values. At the same time, your passion can fail to find a coherent form because of your inner complexity.

I track your multidimensional processing and help you put your experiences, intentions, and values into words.

We identify the incongruities between what you communicate and what you intend to communicate in physical and online spaces, interpersonal interaction, and printed material.

I help you attend to multiple layers of information in your physical environment and your emotional, mental, and energetic fields. I quickly and concisely name themes and conflicts that are not apparent to a business or life coach, but impair the effectiveness of a highly gifted and sensitive entrepreneur.

What makes the highly gifted and sensitive entrepreneur unique?

The highly gifted and sensitive tend to see more, feel more, care more, and include more multidimensional variables than most people. You have values and sensitivities that set you apart from the majority of the population. These values include kindness, generosity, integrity, honesty, a need for meaning and excellence.

These values can make you extraordinary at what you do. However, your sensitivity and multidimensional processing can cause others to misunderstand you and can prevent you from effective and professional interaction.

What should I expect from the session?

Core themes causing confusion in your communication and conflict achieving your goals will be identified.

How many sessions are needed?

Often, one session is sufficient to identify the issues in your communication, the source of your challenges, and the path to resolution.

What is the cost of a session?

The cost is $150 an hour. Learn more about the process and fees.

What is your training?

  • Over twenty years translating sensory experience into words for gifted and sensitive clients
  • A lifelong focus on the visual and energetic communication of spaces
  • Decades of personal transformative work in all modalities of energy and body work
  • Extensive research and training in the fields of sensory integration, design psychology, and environmental psychology.

What are the unique challenges of the highly gifted and sensitive professional?

When you are highly gifted/sensitive, you may face unique challenges when you try to express your multidimensional awarenesses and multiple interests.

You are motivated by, and respond to, a level of subtle and complex information that is invisible to most coaches. You often feel let down by professionals who are not operating with a similar level of integrity, sensitivity, or dimensional awareness.

Your giftedness may make it difficult to prioritize the services you offer and to explain your ideas in simple terms.

Your competency means you may be stuck in a career that doesn’t mirror your passion or values.

As a sensitive, you can be easily injured by interactions with others and take personally that which should be received as professional feedback. Your learning style and personal history can prevent effective and empowered communication, inhibiting your gifts from shining through.

What is the difference between a highly gifted and sensitive entrepreneur, a sensitive entrepreneur, and a gifted entrepreneur?

It gets confusing, doesn’t it? Giovanni Marsico trademarked the phrase gifted entrepreneur to identify uniquely motivated entrepreneurs. A sensitive entrepreneur is a term that has evolved from Elaine Aron’s original term highly sensitive person.

After two decades coaching the highly gifted and sensitive, defined by multidimensional processing and high sensitivity, I realized this population faces unique challenges that inhibit professional success. Coaching the highly gifted and sensitive on their professional communication became my specialization.

Are all sensitives gifted?

I use the term giftedness to refer to multimodal processing, a deep need for meaning and excellence, and other qualities that prevent this population from being helped or understood by most professionals.

While most gifteds are sensitive, it is not a given that all sensitives are gifted. The labels themselves are less significant than identifying the themes of these populations that prohibit them from satisfaction and success in their professions.

How can you help me when others can’t?

I sense and name the complexities of your unique inner landscape. My insight facilitates a singular level of comprehension and illumination. You gain a vocabulary for your individual operating system and the nature of its interface with the external world. This enables you to value and care for your uniqueness while expressing your gifts in the world with confidence.

Can you help everyone?

Part of my job is to put into words what you are experiencing but are unable to name. This process requires you to trust what you feel and sense. I am not the expert about you – only someone able to put into words sensations that are felt, but not yet understood.

I can help you discover the discrepancies between your intended message and what you actually communicate. However, many people need to work with a therapist before they are ready to resolve the incongruities in their communication.

Why can’t you be my therapist when you understand me so well?

I can help you determine the type of therapeutic support you may need, and I often can add the key information your therapist is missing. However, my work is to offer you insight, not to provide therapy.

You no longer coach those discovering their sensitivity and giftedness?

That is correct. There are many therapists and coaches who now specialize in helping those awakening to their sensitivity and giftedness.

What percentage of the population is highly gifted and sensitive?

While the percentage is low, more and more adults are awakening to this understanding of themselves. Rather than focusing on percentages, it is important to identify how the policies and culture of government, business, education, medicine, and environmental sciences fail to reflect the values of the gifted and sensitive.

If you work with people on professional communication, why is your website’s design so unusual? Why aren’t you linked to social media?

I remain committed to providing a tranquil and uncluttered website that is more of a refuge from the world than an extension of the world. My clients find me through referrals or web searches and this process ensures that those that seek my services have reached out to me with considered intention.

Do you teach what you do?

While what I do is a unique gift that I am unable to transmit to others, part of my mission is to offer others the vocabulary and awareness that allows them to be creators and maintainers of enchanting spaces, and empowered and inspired communicators in the world. I am available to facilitate creative conversations with folks wishing to enhance their conscious communication.