Feeling Earth Changes

With the dramatic increase in geologic activity, many people find themselves predicting these earth changes, or feeling these earth changes when they occur.

The question often arises as to why are we getting this information. (The question also arises as to how this happens -but I am not going to address that here.)

I have created this list of possible explanations for the nature of what you pick up and when in your life this tends to occur.

As to the “why” one experiences events at other places on the planet as they happen, or in advance of their happening (in our minds it is “in advance”) – here are some possibilities to consider:

~when we are in transition or most open, we “get” these things more clearly

~the less “form”/focus in our daily lives, the more open we may be

~we may all get these things – it is whether we remember, or are open to make the connection (it may be the vividness of our experience, or that we can directly correlate it with an event on the news that let’s us make the connection- if the experience were any vaguer in quality, we might not ever have made the correlation to world events)

~one psychic said the more she worked, the more she did her psychic work, the less she was prone to wake up in the morning finding that an event had happened in the world which she dreamed of in the night – as if when her energy was focused in a certain way – she did not pick up the information of the world so much

~there are times we are to learn that we have this ability – only such direct correlation shows us that everything is connected, and that we have this capacity

~if we are working on certain themes/issues – we may be more resonant with such themes in the world (whether these are “past life” or present life themes)

~the idea of soul groups means that we may experience more vividly events  of groups that we belong to or are “serving”

~when we are working on something – there may be a direct or indirect correlation that brings these events more into our fields

~we may be “assisting” in ways we don’t understand consciously

~when we have certain intentions – they may link up with these events in ways we don’t realize- whether it is a daily prayer to be helpful or aware of suffering or to be shown how connected we all are

~using the notion of past and present and future as we understand it –
we may be “shown” these events – or directly linked to them in order to be more aware – for a reason we don’t necessarily understand. It may be that there is a future event or a theme that we are, or will be, connected to – and this is a way of preparing us or linking us.

For some people, part of the challenge is holding, or being aware of events that impact humanity, that have not yet “happened”.