Finding the Abundance in Enough

Everything about the dominant culture tells us that we are not enough. A consumer culture can only expand if we need more, and the only way that we will always need more is if we are not enough. Whether we need more schooling,more technology, more spiritual awareness, more muscle, or more modern appliances – every aspect of the culture has embedded in it the notion that we are not enough.

This fear based philosophy is impossible to escape. Yet, it is often hard to identify. As every aspect of life becomes commodified, “help” and friendliness are the medium for sales. Everyone wants to helps us by giving us more, giving us something we need. Whether it is a program to prepare kids for college, or a diet centers promising us complete life transformations- people offer to help us as a way to promote business.

Detoxifying from this addiction to the fear of inadequacy and from the belief in the impotence of our own wisdom takes a long time. It begins with the notion that less is more. The less you take in of the messages of radio, television, movies, news and most conversations, the more you hear these forms of communication as noise that distracts. You find these communications fail to enhance the individual or cultural connection to wisdom or empowerment.

It takes great trust, every day, at every moment to decline the fear based diet of the culture and to tune back into your knowing. It takes courage to witness the self-abnegation on the part of people around you. The space you make for silence, for the wisdom amidst the clamor of the culture, is a vital path towards healing. Your meticulous attention to limiting the debris in your life is a model for others.

The more you own your own adequacy and wisdom, the more difficult many forms of interaction become. School systems, medical care, religious institutions and governmental agencies are some of the places where the “helping systems” are founded upon our agreement to surrender our voices.

As you step back into your own knowing and your own enoughness- remember that most people you will meet are still inside of the paradigm of disempowerment. They have agreed to surrender their own knowing to be taken care of.