Healing Challenges for the Gifted & Sensitive

Gifted and sensitive individuals experience many unique challenges in achieving alignment between their interior worlds and their professional expression.

Gifted and sensitive folks have remarkably rich and complex interior lives. They may be attending to information in mental, energetic, emotional, and spiritual realms all at the same time. While these inner landscapes can be extraordinarily engaging, they can also make it hard to track down inner conflicts and prioritize values and goals.

Gifted and sensitive people tend to be divergent thinkers who prefer original thought and are motivated by innovation in their fields of expertise. This inclination towards innovation means that their priorities and perceptions can be fluid, evolving rapidly.

The qualities of intensity of experience, passionate commitment to what moves them, and sensitivity mean that gifteds can be easily thrown by internal or external stimulus.

The commitment to quality, integrity and justice can cause gifted and sensitive professionals to feel a constant conflict between how things are done in the world, and how the gifteds feel things need to be done.

Much of what gifteds and sensitives value and attend to exists in nonverbal realms. Without a way to speak about what they attend to and what moves them, it is profoundly difficult to align with those experiences.

Many gifteds don’t understand their gifts and think that there is something wrong with them that makes them so different from others. Without a vocabulary for their unique perspectives and gifts, gifteds can feel deep frustration and alienation in the culture. Alignment requires that the gifted be able to own, honor and care for his or her nature.

Successful gifteds often align themselves with their external productivity or accomplishments at the expense of their internal needs or values. When this is the case, some form of emotional or health crisis often arises which forces the gifted to reexamine, and realign priorities.

While gifted and sensitives feel very deeply, they can be quite removed from their feelings. Their highly mental relationship with themselves can make it quite challenging to integrate and heal emotions and somatic symptoms.

Their unusual and complex ways of processing make it more difficult for gifted and sensitives to find coaches, advisors and helpers who understand their challenges and realities.