Healing Without Conscious Presence

Clients assume that if a practitioner is gifted as an energy worker, a body worker or an acupuncturist, that it means the practitioner has a sense of the client’s experience. This could not be farther from the truth.

Practitioners may be able to describe their own actions, guess at the means of efficacy and fall flat at understanding the felt experiences of their patients. Until clients are able to understand their inner worlds and to express what is there, they are completely in the dark, relying on the practitioner for interpretation. I have only know 2 practitioners – one a psychic and one a supremely gifted body worker that were at all accurate in describing the internal experiences of their clients.

Very few practitioners have any awareness of the felt experiences of their clients. If their clients have no vocabulary for, awareness of, or trust in their experiences, the healing process is not conscious. Any areas where the practitioner could improve the treatment remain unaddressed. A client will more likely stop seeing a practitioner than give feedback about what is not working.

Many clients need assistance in finding and naming their experiences so that they can participate in the healing process and tell practitioners what they need. The gesture on the part of the practitioner to include clients as active participants in their own healing is only a gesture if clients do not have the tools to name, or the awareness to sense their own physical or energetic experiences.

Few clients trust their instincts when they see a practitioner. That gut hit of trust or reticence is often ignored in order to comply with the “helper”. Then the emotional, energetic and physical body are in a predicament of being “helped”, while they have not give their permission for the intervention.

Until we raise children to trust their inner knowing and until doctors and healers are seen as facilitators who we invite to assist us – it will be the job of the practitioner to cultivate the participation of the client.