Here Again? Never the Same Place Twice.

One of the greatest dangers on the healing journey is when we come to something we think we have already resolved. Here again? Didn’t I already do this piece of work?

We can end up in doubt and despair feeling the process will never end. It is hugely helpful to have the image of the mobius strip- the spiral that expands out at ever expanding levels, circles that come back around, but always at a different level.

When one goes through an extended healing crisis and works with others on their healing journeys it is evident that there is a right time for each piece of work. Sometimes, core beliefs need to be surrendered before new learnings can be integrated. Other times, new learnings and understandings need to be in place before old foundational blocks can be surrendered.

Whether it is addressing a physical injury at a physical level and later at an energetic level (and even later at the physical level again) or returning to a childhood trauma with different understandings made possible by time and evolution, the field in which the healing is occuring is always evolving. A multidimensional being not only releases, learn and integrates in numerous dimensions at once – but each dimension may have different needs and be on different schedules for unfolding.

One never comes back to the same material in the same way twice. It can be helpful to ask – how is this different? This material may feel the same- but how is this coming up in a new way? What piece of work have I already done that is making this work possible to do? Finding ways to help yourself know that it is a process – that you are not at the same place again – can alleviate some of the dismay.