Hypochondria- a New Perspective on an Old Label

Imagine if we reframed the reality of the hypochondriac. Instead, we could focus on the medical field that is blind to fields of energy and subtle awareness. We could speak about the highly sensitive nervous system of the patient. We could recognize the complaints of the “hypochondriac” as signs of an unusual giftedness. We could enroll these patients in training programs to help them learn to understand energy fields and to find ways to work with their subtle levels of awareness.

Hypochondria may be the state of worrying about minor health issues. Certainly, there are those that somaticize emotional or spiritual pain. Yet, it is also certain that many people who have been labeled hypochondriacal are highly sensitive and aware individuals who are attuning to levels of information unavailable to most.

Before Rachel Carson, someone who had felt nauseated by the effects of pesticides might have been said to have a wild imagination. Before the acceptance of the impact of sugar and additives on the behavior of children, a mother who worked hard to keep these things from her child’s diet would have been called too protective. Until recently, those who cried out against national monetary policy were presumed not to have the best interest of the country at heart.

In fact, it is only once enough members of the culture valued the concerns mentioned above, that these issues became real concerns to the culture. It is essential to have a vocabulary that enables the general public to share a concern, or relate to an issue. Proof of something’s existence (the effect of pollutants, facts about climate loss or change, the housing debacle) enable it to be taken seriously by most people. The ability to measure the condition certainly helps it have validity.

Yet, the hypochondriac is sensing unusual things and feeling pain that is not verifiable, and has no obvious cause from an allopathic perspective. Here is someone so sensitive that the continual shifts of the inner ecosystem are as loud as thunder.

This group can:

  • experience pain from childhood vaccinations
  • experience ongoing complications from historic scars
  • be highly reactive to subtle remedies
  • have extremely vivid body memories of historic injuries

It is only with gifted naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, energy workers, cranial sacral workers and others who work in fields that respect and understand that the body is made up of numerous subtle fields, that these individuals are treated in a holistic manner and respected for their unusual levels of awareness.