Kindness and the Entrepreneur

In a world of too much information and short attention spans, it is easy to forget that we crave connection. We long to be cared about and treated kindly.

When we remember events or services in a positive light, part of what we recall is the personal touch. The waiter who went out of his way, the hotel concierge who remembers our name. As humans, we want to be treated like we matter.

Kindness is something that, like bravery, is now so rare that the simplest experience of it is memorable.

While one of the painful aspects of our culture for sensitives is the absence of kindness, the vulnerability of the sensitive can result in less than caring behavior.

We are kind when we are respectful, attend to detail, consider the other’s perspective, take responsibility for our mistakes, are generous in spirit, have good boundaries, exhibit self-care, and are clear and thoughtful communicators.

Fear, defensiveness, anger, confusion, judgment, and poor self-care are all states that prevent kindness.

When we heal our own wounds that cause us to either lash out, ignore our needs or someone else’s pain, dismiss criticism, or withdraw, we can become the practitioners and professionals we would like to be who offer our services from a place of kindness and integrity.