Knowing, Sensing, Feeling – Descriptive Words for the HSP

What is your word for when you just know something? How do you “get it” when you get something?

Does your body become still? Do you experience an inner excitement? Do you see certain colors or hear a certain sound? Is there a different felt sense about the world around you?

It is useful to have a word, or words, for what it is to have a deep sense when something is so. Whether it something someone says, our interpretation of words or an event, the meaning of a dream we have or an inclination to make an unplanned journey, how do we know when to listen to something that we have no way to prove?

Sometimes, we may have different ways we attend to information. Just as a timer may ring when a meal is cooked, or a light may beep to indicate messages on an answering machine -there can be different kinds of signals to signal different kinds of information.

Sometimes we want to know if we trust someone, or if we should make a certain choice. This kind of information may come to us in the form of a quality of relaxation or in our dreams. At other times, we may wonder whether our absence of interest in, or commitment to something comes from some wisdom that knows what not to engage in. What let’s us know when our absence of action comes from wisdom?

The more we are able to listen to our gut level responses, the more we expand our repertoire of how we get information. The more we begin to expand the subtle levels at which we attend, the deeper our understanding of the levels of nuance to the information we receive -whether the information is our response to external stimulus or our own internal promptings.