Late Bloomers – Reframing Your Relationship to Time

The late bloomer-

Late to speak~
Late to walk~
Late to find a career path~
Late to find love~
Late to marry ~
Late to have children ~
Late to succeed ~

So it seems to be about time or timing. To be a late bloomer is not to do things in the timing of the culture.

Yet, viewed through a different lens, the late bloomer is weaving together the necessary threads to be ready, fully ready for whatever the task is. It may be that the late bloomer is attending to more internal threads than most people.

Is the cactus that blooms once every decade late?
Is the chrysalis, the last of the season, that winters before becoming a butterfly late?
Is the archeologist who discovers something ancient after 25 years of searching late?
Is the 100 year flood late when it happens after 150 years?

From a different perspective –
The culture is late to notions of climate change.
The culture is late to notions of sustainability.
The culture is late to notions of sensitivity.
The culture is late to notions of tolerance and acceptance.

We could say that the culture has been rushing ahead – to speak, to walk, to succeed. But what is the communication? What is the movement towards?
Where is the success?

Timing, time –
There are trees that live for 100 years and there are trees that have a 30 year life span. The butterfly may have a 4 day life cycle, while the elephant carries decades of memory. Perhaps the way to measure time is by the mechanism of the creature – by its own inner hour hand, minute hand and second hand. For many creatures-
there may be infinitely smaller degrees of measurement that count. And for many, like the river, there may be infinitely more liquid ways of existing – where no demarcations of before, after, faster or slower have meaning.