The Lonely Path of Healing and Evolution

Whether you are in a healing crisis, a process of awakening to your gifts or a place of transformation to new levels of awareness, you may often find yourself howling with the discomfort of being invisible – of being unable to share your experience. The longing to be accompanied on one’s journey, to not be alone, and to have one’s experience valued by others are completely understandable needs for a social creature.

Few people ever set out to be isolated, unsupported, misunderstood and lonely. Yet, these experiences are part of any healing or transformative journey. On a solitary journey that is impossible to explain or share with others, the need to identify oneself through the eyes and values of others must be surrendered.

Your journey is not about being understood by others. It is about valuing your own experience. You can be assured that most people will never have a true sense of your suffering, your disorientation, your perseverance, your loneliness or your triumphs. Their recognition is not what matters.

Part of this path is to learn that you are one hundred percent valid and on track, regardless of anyone else. You are learning to anchor the locus of reality, of meaning, inside. Your journey requires you surrender the need for validation by the culture. Only when you are truly independent of this external recognition are you a true vessel of wisdom or an evolutionary force.

Not being understood, not being able to talk about what is happening for you is part of your path and part of being on track. It does not mean anything is wrong. Where you are and where you are going is not part of what the culture understands.

It is appropriate to grieve, mourn, and feel fear at being alone on this path. It is also demanding to understand that, most likely, you will have nothing “to show” for your months or years of pain and suffering. There will be no diploma, no party, no raise, no recognition. Of course, how could it be otherwise for an independent agent who is bound only by the calling of the spirit?