Meaningful Engagement for the Gifted

Meaningful engagement becomes possible when you relinquish your ego’s identity of who you are. You surrender your expectations of who you should be. You come to trust discomfort as something requiring your attention. Pain is no longer threatening. You understand despair and a sense of a lack of engagement as invitations to inquiry.

You may grieve the loss of all that has not brought you meaning. You may feel the loneliness of no longer belonging in the world the way you once did. You then find you are able to step into the emptiness where your essential calling blossoms.

You realize that authentic engagement stems from always delving more deeply into your relationship to that which is inside and invisible to the external world. In a world where economic, political and social institutions are being upended, living by what “makes sense” no longer has resonance.

You begin to trust and appreciate things that move you that you can not explain. You appreciate being unusual and accept the ways you differ from those around you. You come to a place of neutrality where the absence of fear of judgment enables you to be a willing participant in your soul’s expression. You are able to hear, honor and meet the needs that call from within. You begin to make choices that express your unique way of belonging to life.

Committed to receptive presence, your inquiry enables you to receive promptings that point you to places that require deepening. You understand that by listening, you are allowing new patterns to show themselves. You gain the courage to live by what is compelling. The realms of imagination, sensation and feeling illuminate rich hidden wellsprings beyond the intellect’s realm of comprehension. The unfamiliar becomes a safe place to dwell – the ground of creative engagement.

From the place of authentic engagement you embody your soul’s truth. Life becomes an ongoing surrender. You engage with life as a creative process and no longer need to see results to trust your course. You find ease moving between your soul’s truth and your daily existence. You find you:

  • Replace cultural expectations with personal truths.
  • Define and cultivate what engenders meaning.
  • Appreciate and nurture what is beyond the mental realm.
  • Experience alignment between internal knowings & action in the world.
  • Trust times of emptiness or discomfort as aspects of evolution.

You experience greater joy, inner ease, kinder self talk, decreased anxiety and a greater capacity to sustain an inner equilibrium. Things in your external life do not need to be the way you wish they were in order for you to feel on course inside.