Sensitivity in an Age of Chaos

As you take up the task of understanding yourself as a sensitive, you do it within a culture so full of noise it is almost impossible to experience auditory, energetic, or visual quiet. You do it in a world finally beginning to awaken to climate change and the endless social, economic, environmental crises and global ramifications. Sensitivity in an age of chaos is a full-time job!

Between the news about what is turning upside down and the reactions to this upending – from fear to radical doctrines of change – not only is the news more intense, but the messages of what to do to bring about change are at an all time fevered pitch. While the media brings you news of crises from all over the world, severe environmental crises are more frequent than ever before. The water is beginning to boil in the pot that is our life on earth.

What is the role of the sensitive in a time of increasing chaos? When each day there are more and more reasons for people to be frightened, overwhelmed and self-absorbed, how does the sensitive respond? How, when you are more vulnerable and attuned to minor shifts and changes than others, do you manage the deluge of dramatic upheavals?

In many ways, sensitives have always anticipated or felt that many of the current crises were imminent. It may not be that they knew what the changes would look like, but they sensed the place we would have to come to as a culture and on the planet. In this way, there can be an actual feeling of relief as the unsustainable practices of the dominant culture are brought into sharp relief. That which the sensitive has envisioned and dreaded when witnessing unconscious ways the culture has related to natural resources and human existence no longer exist only as private thoughts. Now the mass consciousness is beginning to pay attention to these previously ignored themes.

In this time where the external noise of cultural fear, rapidly unfolding events and culturally mandated “green living” are unending, there is a greater requirement than ever for the sensitive to create, maintain and expand methods of self-care. As things intensify in the outside world, the needs of the sensitive may also chance and require refinement.

The sensitive has already gone through the kind of disequilibrium and unmooring that is new for most of the population. When the sensitive is able to find and maintain an inner equilibrium, there is often an ability to be of service to those who are in crisis over the disruptions in tradition, expectations and habits of relationship to the world.

More than anything – the sensitive must remain vigilant about limiting input which threatens to deluge the sensitive’s inner calm. The external crises are wake up calls to a world that has lived in denial. The sensitive needs no waking up. Instead, the sensitive needs to be grounded in order to be available the levels of subtle and vital knowing that offer clarity and direction in this time of great transformation.