Spiritual Bypassing

One of the ways my philosophy has distinguished me as a practitioner is that I believe that if you aren’t walking into your pain, you are avoiding healing.

If someone contacts me with the goal of becoming more spiritual, or because they are a seeker, or because they want to be a healer, I explain that it is the pain a person is in that let’s us know the authentic work that needs to occur. Any idea of what someone wants to be or what they want to achieve will not be the place that shows us where we need to attend.

As you can imagine, many people find this notion of attending to the places that hurt to be highly undesirable. The objection can be couched as this focus not being spiritual work, or being negative, or not enlightened.

Yet, any path that does not attend to the places of darknes results in a false construct that remains unaligned with one’s essence. Underlying discomfort will always continue to exist with this approach. This can be the person who, after 20 years of meditating still does not feel peace, or the person who, with all the positive thinking, still can’t manifest what they find meaningful.

Robert Augustus Masters’ book Spiritual Bypassing is an excellent summary of the ways that people avoid evolution by avoiding pain.

This book is helpful for all those who find themselves confused and mystified when they have a conversation with someone who says all the right things, but yet seems not “there”. It gives you a conceptual framework that allows you to trust all the places where concepts of spiritual practices or green living leave you feeling something is missing. This book allows you to understand what is missing.

This book is also a wonderful companion on one’s own journey to health.
It shines light into areas and habits that prevent an honest, open and insightful relationship with one’s own self.