Steps to Healing for the Highly Gifted and Highly Sensitive

Gifted, perceptive, often on the leading edge in your field of expertise, you have come to a place where your intelligence is a barrier to finding authentic engagement. The dominant culture emphasizes and trusts the lens of the intellect.

Highly successful individuals have often achieved their success by ignoring subtle, nonverbal sensing in order to efficiently evaluate and meet external expectations. This ability to ignore inner promptings can make it exceedingly difficult to find authentic threads of meaning.

Therapy, meditation, yoga, personal empowerment courses, spiritual teachings, and coaching may have failed to illuminate the blocks that prevent full engagement in your life. Caught up in pain, drama or intellectual analysis, you are unable find any compelling fabric of meaning.

The soul’s truth is often exceedingly difficult to access in a culture dominated by the mind and by the ego’s agenda. Many people spend years on a quest to find an authentic existence, tricking themselves into believing they are finding their core truths, while all the time, their minds are protecting them from the embodied experience of their pain, their fears and the blocks to their full presence.

To be part of a culture means to absorb the culture’s bias. In our culture, to be successful is to be happy. This leaves no room to live from the authentic, as anguish is part of getting to the authentic. Truth is not necessarily happiness. Dissatisfaction and discomfort are the disruptions to life that invite the deepening to your essential nature.

The dominant culture tells us that if you are in pain, or feel an absence of meaning – something is wrong with you. In fact, an absence of meaning is often one of the characteristics of a true creative. It is the seeking, the longing, the inability to be satisfied with what is that is the impetus to evolution. Often, those in the greatest discomfort in the culture have the most significant contribution to make to the culture.

The path to meaning begins with tolerating and living in the absence of meaning. Identifying what is not your truth, what does not bring you joy, what leaves you empty, what is robbing you of energy – this is the path to meaning.

As a highly gifted individual, your sensitivity makes you astutely aware of the judgments and expectations of others. Untangling from the external pressures that have become internalized is one of the main pieces of your initial healing. In order to find you, you will have to surrender meeting the needs of others the way you always have. In some way it will feel like you are failing.