The Path of a Healer

In my experience, there are those who learn healing techniques and work in various modalities to bring about health in others, and there are those who have innate gifts that get channeled through a modality, or a number of modalities. I work with people whose highly sensitive natures and innate gifts lead them into the practice of healing.

I work with people who have been called to be healers, not people who decide to be healers. I believe healers are born, not made. I believe that the road to integrity as a healer (the right and ego-less use of one’s gifts) comes through the trials required to insure that one is a servant of one’s gifts, rather than an ego identified with one’s gifts.

In my experience, the most gifted healers were at first victims of their own multidimensional awareness and highly sensitive natures. They did not ask for, or seek, the abilities that plagued them. It took them a great deal of time and pain to find the way to live with their gifts and come to understand their needs as highly sensitive people. I don’t think there is any other way to thread oneself through the form of work for which one is destined.

Some healers recall being highly sensitive from early childhood. For others, the awakening of their gifts can appear to spring fully blown as the result of dramatic life events such as a near death experience or a life threatening illness. Others find their gifts emerge or deepen with time. For someone who has carried unusual ways of attending from early in life, there can be childhood issues of alienation they need to clear. For someone whose gifts seem to arrive unbidden, the new awarenesses can be disorienting and overwhelming.

The Journey Of The Conscious Healer:

  • Understand the nature of your gifts by gaining an awareness of, & vocabulary for, your experiences of yourself and others.
  • Learn to live in harmony with your gifts. Establish clear boundaries & clear intentions.
  • Heal wounds that cause your work to be ego driven. Enhance the level of your service through continued conscious evolution.