The Sensitive’s Awakening

As a sensitive and creative person you may have reached a time of crisis in your life, a time of awakening. Vague internal stirrings beyond the realms of emotion and intellect call to be named. This time of awakening can be experienced as:

  • inexplicable longing
  • deep disorientation
  • a lack of meaningful participation in life.

Our culture’s lens of perception is that of the mind. The mind disdains what cannot be seen and proven. If you are a sensitive soul, attuned to what is beyond the five senses, you may be unable to find explanations for your own disorienting experiences.

Your unique ways of understanding and processing information predispose you to innovative and creative endeavors. Yet, your attunement and sensitivity to stimuli invisible to the dominant culture may have left you feeling crazy or somehow deficient.

As a highly sensitive person, you may find it stressful to live in a culture whose values disturb and overwhelm you. Up until now, you may have been hampered by depression, harsh self-judgment and other debilitating adaptive patterns. Dissatisfaction, lack of joy and the absence of a sense of belonging can drive you to doubt your experiences and your abilities.

Without a framework for your experiences, you may have no way to value your uniqueness or to imagine a place for yourself within the culture. With no way to relate your experience to the reality of the culture, you can feel quite alone. Absorbing the values of family, educators, healers and society, you are unable to live from your core or to take care of your core self.

You may need help recognizing your gifts and identifying the cultural inhibitions that restrict the expression of your creative insights. Since most practitioners are bound by the cultural narrative and lens of mental interpretation, traditional therapies often fail to assist highly sensitive people in identifying and celebrating their unique manner of attuning.

Other phrases that may apply to you: Too sensitive, self criticism, feelings of despair, authentic life, sensitive to surroundings, easily overwhelmed, alienated from culture.

Reframing The Past

In our work together, you gain a vocabulary for your sensory experiences, and for the preferences and rhythms of your being. You are able, perhaps for the first time, to name your unique way of perceiving and relating to the world.

As we quickly and succinctly name the internal conflicts that are blocking a buoyant, straightforward expression of your creative awareness, you begin to step into full appreciation of your gifts. You view your heightened awareness and sensitive soul as blessings.

With self understanding and self acceptance you no longer feel cursed by your uniqueness. You learn how to become an advocate for yourself as a creative and highly sensitive person with your own subtle and specific needs.

As a sensitive who lives a life centered around input and meaning that may not be explicable through mind as we know it, gaining a multidimensional approach to your way of understanding the world can help you thrive in a three dimensional world.

The Journey to Belonging

  • Self acceptance – being able to honor your nature
  • Self awareness – knowing how you lose yourself, how you find your center, what you need to nurture and sustain yourself as a sensitive
  • Vocabulary – having words for your experiences of your internal states and of the external world
  • Imagery – metaphors and visual imagery to explain your experiences
  • Personalized techniques for self care
  • Patience in finding the practitioners who honor your needs and your inner knowing and understand the unique needs of a sensitive person