Transition & Sense of Belonging

Whether you are moving, ending a relationship, grieving the death of a loved one, changing careers or experiencing another kind of dramatic disruption in your habits and rhythms, you may be experiencing a dislocation from your physical environment, your routines and the ways you ground yourself.

Any transition you undertake (or are forced into) can evoke fear and doubt. You can feel disoriented and confused as your center of balance shifts. Transition is about loss, about the death of what you knew or who you knew yourself to be.

It is important to find the emotional support to help you through these times. This may include friends, a counselor, a support group, your own writing or creative work, or books that speak to your feelings. Even with these tools, the journey through transition is uncomfortable – that is its nature.

The physical environment serves to orient us to the world. It provides identity and continuity. When we lose the place of historic ties and habits that ground us, or when we lose the person who has filled the living space with us, it is as if we have lost our skin, our roots, our way of knowing ourselves in the world.

How we grieve, how we take care of ourselves and how we reorient to changing situations are paths as unique as we are. If we are highly sensitive, disruption in our surroundings can profoundly impact our ability to feel safe and secure in the larger world. Since a sensitive can rely on the home environment to ground and restore inner peace, when this environment is lost or in some way disrupted, the challenge of finding a way to retreat and restore can feel daunting.

It is essential to honor the level of trauma that the loss or disruption evokes. The sensitive’s tendency to judge the profound reverberations that the unmooring creates only adds to the sense of alienation. Acknowledging the deep reverberations of the loss or change and recognizing how every aspect of life is impacted are first steps in inner realignment. Accepting that the current transition is shaking up every aspect of one’s being and one’s relationship to life helps to put the stress in perspective. Finding small ways to sooth oneself and orient to the present moment can help to create islands of stillness in a sea of turmoil.