Undiagnosed Trauma in Healing Work

When a pracitioner allows a client’s goals to overshadow the reality of the client’s current state of being- mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically or energetically, the practitioner is not serving the client.

Many clients enter therapy suffering with trauma that remains undiagnosed by the therapist. It is often inappropriate to focus on the client’s life goals, when there are underlying patterns of trauma and distress that make the ability to focus on, or achieve changes nearly impossible.

Most therapists are untrained to identify patterns of trauma. Most clients carrying trauma are either, unaware of their own trauma or reluctant to address it. This means that a great deal of money and time can be spent on therapy that is unproductive because both therapist and client are avoiding the place that actually needs care and healing.

Similarly, a body worker, energy worker or other type of healer, can fail to screen for, or identify trauma patterns in a client. This can result in numerous setbacks in the work, flare-ups of underlying distress and a cycle of seeming progress and regression. When a practitioner witnesses this cycle with a client, it should be a glaring signal that there is likely to be deep seated underlying trauma.

The practitioner will likely not be the one to address this trauma. All practitioners should be familiar with the nature of trauma so that they can: spot the symptoms; explain trauma to a client and offer names of practitioners who specialize in addressing trauma.